Proofs Information

Due to the nature of the custom bobblehead, we require of customer’s participation of the whole process so that they know what to expect for a finished product without any surprise. Having proofs enable such participation so that customer can review and comment the work-in-progress bobblehead from begin to finish. 
Proofs process enables a customer to review and comment their custom bobblehead on the following steps:

  1. Claying(Initial Sculpting) step:  this step is the 1st step of the whole customization process. Our artist will create the initial sculpting using the clay based on customer’s photos and comments. Customer will have the opportunity to provide their comments as regard to how they want to change the initial sculpting.   Please note that once a customer approves the claying(initial sculpting), the initial sculpting will be sent to the molding department for molding. If a customer wants to change the sculpting again after it approves the claying, the customer needs to pay an extra fee to recreate the sculpting. 
  2. Painting step: this step is the last step that shows the finished bobblehead. Customer can comments on how they want to change the colors and whether they want to add additional options that are color-related.  

Please note that since the custom bobblehead is unique for each customer and thus has no resell value, custom bobblehead order is non-cancellable and nonrefundable once the process starts. So please think carefully before placing the order.